Addressing the Intermittent Display Issues on the Fractal Wallet.

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3 min readFeb 6, 2024


Some members of the community have noticed that the Fractal desktop and mobile wallets have inherited some cosmetic issues from their previous versions. All of the reported issues boil down to the same root cause: our full nodes and Graph node implementation. The bugs manifest themselves as:

  • A slow or unresponsive UI when users stake or unbond tokens
  • Transactions not showing as received or sent in a timely manner
  • The Fractal RPC node sometimes being unresponsive

We wanted to take a moment to address these issues directly.

First, The Nature of Existing Issues

First, these issues are DISPLAY issues only caused by a slight incompatibility between Fractal’s EVM RPC and the standard Graph Node we have implemented. No tokens will be lost because of this issue. The actual Fractal blockchain itself is battle-tested and rock solid, and the Fractal team is working to resolve the issue.

Second, The Cause of the Incompatibility

The root cause of intermittent issues on the Fractal’s EVM Layer (Fractal Confluence) is a slight incompatibility between the Fractal EVM RPC and the standard Graph node. The EVM itself was an implementation related to the Frontier project, a Rust-coded project made originally for Polkadot-related communities.

Third, The Solution to the Incompatibility

We are working to restructure our data going forward to ensure that the EVM layer will be compatible with the Graph Node, but in the meantime, we are looking for alternatives to Graph that will be compatible with our EVM instance.

Immediate Fixes

Our DevOps team is also implementing workarounds to improve performance. This includes upgrading the VM size, adding redundancy to our systems, and using more efficient ways to balance traffic. Restructuring the data is our ultimate solution, but these measures should help in the meantime.

Additionally, new Fractal L2 layers will go a long way to resolve these issues for users. These new layers will not be affected by the existing Graph issue and will also extend the reach out of zero-knowledge technology to more of the Web3 ecosystem.

Thanking our Community

We know these intermittent issues are frustrating and sometimes disconcerting for the community. But please rest assured: these are cosmetic issues that are often solved simply by clearing your cache or simply waiting just a few minutes. And they won’t be present on future Fractal layers.

Since our recent reorganization into Fractal, we have redistributed developer resources to help with debugging and product improvement. This reorganization, combined with additional developer resources, should help us resolve existing issues while enabling the Fractal Network to grow. We are excited to use our zk-technology to lead the way in secured decentralized finance.

We started with the ambitious goal of taking zero-knowledge cryptography from being an academic exercise to an applied technology. Since then, we’ve deployed a number of zero-knowledge concepts to Web3 successfully, a feat we are proud of. To that original vision, we’ve added a new goal of extending zk to all levels of the Web3 stack, using the original FRA token on Fractal’s multi-layer architecture.

We hope that you will be part of that endeavor. We are deeply thankful for the support of our community and the patience and understanding you have already displayed. 🙏

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Fractal Network is a multi-layer network committed to applying zero-knowledge cryptography at every level of the Web3 Stack. We are building secured DeFi, asset tokenization, and on-chain identity and reputation services. Through applied zero-knowledge encryption, Fractal is creating a secure on-chain environment for all of Web3.

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