Announcing the Fracal Inscription Accelerator Program

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3 min readMar 22, 2024

During the last few weeks, Inscriptions have found additional infrastructure support on well-known platforms such as Unisat, OKX and Binance, which have all announced additional products to make inscriptions easier, faster and more valuable. Today, Fractal is happy to announce our entry into the inscriptions game Fragments — an inscription launchpad to deploy, mint, buy, and trade inscriptions on Fractal Network.

The Fragments Marketplace and Launchpad

Ordinals — the ancestor of inscriptions — were deployed by issuing a Satoshi with a small bit of data etched in (essentially) the memo field. These etchings on the tiniest fractions — or fragments — of a Bitcoin opened up new ways to think about Bitcoin itself and small data inscriptions on digital currency in general. The promise of these fragments is why we put effort into developing and deploying an inscription marketplace. It’s a quickly developing and growing sector.

Fractal is uniquely suited to support inscriptions. Our robust UTXO standard was based on Bitcoin’s UTXO model, but we’ve added ZK capabilities and larger data fields. By incorporating these advantages with the energy, excitement, and innovation of the BRC20 market on our own marketplace, we can harness the potential of inscriptions on Fractal. Those who have an appetite for innovation will bring the expertise and the vision needed to cultivate a thriving inscription ecosystem.

Announcing the Fractal Inscription Accelerator

But this is new territory. The nature of the inscription ecosystem is new, nascent, untested. In the spirit of supporting our community, we are thrilled to introduce the Fractal Inscription Accelerator. We understand that there are inherent risks associated with launching a new product and building the community needed to thrive, which is why we are committed to sharing this journey with the community. Together, we aim to drive the success of an inscription projects launching on Fragments.

What We Offer

1. Technical Assistance: Our team of experts will provide hands-on support in navigating the complexities of launching your inscription.

2. Inscription Toolbox: Gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to streamline and optimize the inscription deployment process.

3. Co-marketing and Go-to-Market Plans: Leverage our marketing prowess and strategic insights to maximize the visibility and adoption of your inscription.

4. Marketplace Support: Seamlessly integrate your inscription into the Fractal marketplace, tapping into a vast network of potential users and collaborators.

5. Partnership and Integration Support: Forge valuable partnerships and integrate with leading inscription wallets such as Unisat and OKX, unlocking new avenues for growth and engagement.

Apply Now

Ready to embark on this transformative journey into BRC20s with us? Submit your application and stay tuned for further details and updates as we embark on this exciting venture together.

Apply here.

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