Exploring Fragments, Part 1: How to Download the Fractal Inscription Wallet

The Exploring Fragments blog series gives readers brief tutorials on how to create, mint, and trade inscriptions on Fractal’s new platform.

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4 min readApr 24, 2024

In the first few weeks since launching Fragments, we’ve seen dozens of projects launched, thousands of browser wallet downloads, and tens of thousands of tokens minted. The cherry on top — all fees, which are paid in FRA, will be burned.

Why the excitement? With Fractal Network’s inscription launchpad, Fragments, users can deploy a BRC20-compatible collection for a fraction of the cost of launching on other UTXO networks. Future developments will help these tokens be interoperable in other ecosystems. Plus, as a new platform, it is easy for a new project to make waves.

But to interact with the platform, users must first download the Fractal Browser Extension wallet, a wallet we tailor-made for the platform.

This article from the Exploring Fragments series will cover how to create an inscription collection and start minting tokens.

How to Download the Fractal Browser Extension Wallet

  1. First, download the Fractal browser extension wallet to add it to your browser.

2. Once the wallet finishes downloading, open it, click “Get Started” and then click “Create a new account”. Create a new password for the wallet, confirm it, and continue.

3. Next, write down all of the mnemonic words (your wallet’s seed phrase) in order on a piece of paper and put it in a secure place. Anyone who has access to your seed phrase will have full control of your wallet, and Fractal cannot help you recover it.

Once your seed phrase is securely stored, click “Confirm,” and then enter the prompted mnemonic words in the correct sequence based on the number above each box. If you entered them correctly, when you click “Confirm”, the main wallet view should appear.

4. For easier access, you can pin the browser extension wallet by clicking the Extensions icon in the upper right (the puzzle piece), and then clicking the Pin icon. The Fractal icon should now appear next to Extensions.

5. Finally, you will need to send UTXO FRA to your browser extension wallet to interact with Fragments. Here’s how to do it.

NOTE: FRA transferred to your browser extension wallet will be used for inscriptions of the BRC20 data. Only transfer FRA into the Extension Wallet that you intend to use for the inscription process. Unknowingly transferring an FRA token with a BRC20 inscribed on it will result in losing custody and control of that BRC20.

Pioneering UTXO Token Standards

Inscriptions tooks the Web3 world by storm at the end of 2023. In 2024, many projects including Fractal are looking for ways to expand the utility or inscriptions, ordinals, and BRC20-like tokens.

Fractal is excited to be part of this trend. As a multilayer network with a UTXO ledger, Fractal is in a prime position to create tokens that approximate standards based on the Bitcoin network. We have many other exciting announcements to do with BRC20-style tokens coming this year, and other technical announcements.

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