How to Acquire FRA

The Fractal Team will soon expand access to its token, but in the meantime, here’s how to get started.

Fractal Network
2 min readJan 30, 2024

What is Fractal

Fractal aims to build a multi-layer ecosystem, all powered by FRA. This ecosystem, which will include an L1 UTXO chain, an L1 EVM chain, and L2s, will bring applied zk to the entire Web3 stack so that on-chain assets can be secure at each level.

We often think of on-chain assets as being secure already. Doesn’t being on an immutable ledger make our assets unhackable? However, any veteran of the space will tell you that the transparent nature of blockchain makes everyone a target. Hacks and phishing attacks are common when everyone’s assets and addresses are waving out in the open.

Fractal and its FRA token will change that through Zk. No matter what level or layer a Web3 asset may exist in, Fractal is working to secure it through on-chain encryption.

How to Get FRA

This multi-layer ecosystem is powered by the FRA token, which is already available on a variety of CEXs and DEXs:

You’ll be able to buy, swap, or trade for FRA at all of these platforms by following the instructions provided on that specific platform.

NOTE: Make sure to pay attention to which network you are using when purchasing FRA. Almost all these exchanges use EVM FRA, that is, FRA that uses an “0x…” address on Fractal’s EVM L1 layer, called Fractal Confluence. Do not send EVM FRA to an “fra..” address, which is for FRA tokens on Fractal’s UTXO L1 (called Fractal Spring). Only offers UTXO FRA.


Zk is essential for the mass adoption of Web3. Only through zk will dApps achieve the functionality of traditional apps, and we’re excited to promote decentralization through Zk at every level of the crypto space.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to the Fractal Team on our official Telegram community.