How To Fund Fractal’s New Browser Extension Wallet

A quick guide for users onboarding to Fragments

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5 min readMar 30, 2024

With Fragments, anyone can deploy a BRC20 collection on Fractal Network for a fraction of the cost of launching on other UTXO networks. Fragments are BRC20-compatible inscriptions that can be deployed, minted, and traded on Fractal’s UTXO chain. It’s the ideal place to launch a new inscription project, and it all works seamlessly with the Fractal Extension Wallet.

To help foster a thriving inscription ecosystem, we’ve also announced the Fractal Inscription Accelerator — which provides technical assistance, an inscription toolbox, co-marketing and go-to-market plans, marketplace support, and partnership/integration support to applicants. Click here to apply to the program.

Getting Started With Fragments

To get started with Fragments, you’ll first need to purchase Fractal Network’s native token, FRA, and then transfer it to the Fractal Wallet.

Fractal has two layers — an L1 EVM chain that uses EVM FRA tokens and a UTXO chain (similar to Bitcoin) that uses UTXO FRA tokens.

When using Fragments, you will need UTXO FRA as gas to deploy and transact these BRC20-style tokens.

How to Fund the Browser Extension Wallet with FRA

Note: FRA transferred to your browser extension wallet will be used for inscriptions of the BRC20 data. Only transfer FRA into the Extension Wallet that you intend to use for the inscription process. Unknowingly transferring an FRA token with a BRC20 inscribed on it will result in losing custody and control of that BRC20.

To help prevent early mistakes, we have removed the “Send” functionality from the Extension Wallet. Users will still be able to send FRA stored on the Extension Wallet by importing their keys to the desktop wallet and sending from there. The “Send” functionality will be restored later this week.

There are two main ways to get UTXO FRA — buy it directly from, or buy EVM FRA and use Confluence to transfer tokens from the EVM Layer to the UTXO layer. Either way, you will need to download the Browser Extension wallet to use with Fragments, as well as Fractal Wallet for desktop.

Option 1: Buying from

Currently, the only exchange that sells UTXO FRA is

You can buy UTXO or EVM FRA on, so be careful to select the right token type.

Next, make sure that you send the purchased UTXO FRA to a wallet on the correct network. The wallet address should start with “fra1…”.

This option is by far the simplest for getting UTXO FRA, if you have access to Once you have UTXO FRA on the Desktop Wallet, you can transfer it directly to your Browser Extension wallet. Simply go to the “Send” tab in the Desktop wallet and enter your browser extension wallet address.

Option 2: Convert EVM FRA to UTXO FRA using Confluence

You can also buy EVM FRA and convert it to UTXO FRA using the Confluence Bridge.

You can purchase EVM FRA from Kucoin, SimpleSwap, LetsExchange, BitMart, or LBank using your MetaMask wallet.

Be sure to send the EVM FRA to your “0x…” address on MetaMask and NOT your “fra…” address on the Desktop wallet, or you may lose your tokens. Then, to convert EVM FRA to UTXO FRA, you’ll need to use Confluence Bridge in the Desktop wallet.

Since you’re bridging from an EVM-compatible wallet to a “Native Wallet” (a UTXO wallet starting with “fra1…”), make sure that the arrow icon is facing “Native Wallet.”

Click “Select Wallet” to add the EVM-compatible wallet holding the EVM FRA.

Now choose the token type (FRA), enter the native wallet address where you want to bridge the tokens (ex. Wallet1 on desktop), and enter the amount of EVM FRA you want to bridge.

Once you receive the UTXO FRA, you can send it to your Fractal browser extension wallet and start playing with Fragments.

For more info on how to acquire FRA, check out this helpful blog post.

Building On-Ramps to BRC20s

Make sure to apply to our Fractal Inscription Accelerator program as well; it only takes a few minutes.

With Fragments, anyone can launch and mint a BRC20 collection in minutes at a fraction of the cost of using the Bitcoin network. It’s an all-in-one launchpad for inscriptions, and this is just the beginning of our journey. In the near future, you’ll also be able to bridge Fractal inscriptions to other ecosystems, stake and swap them, and much more. If you’ve been waiting to dip your toes into the BRC20 ecosystem, this is a great place to start.

We’re so excited to see what you create with Fragments!

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