Officially Announcing the Launch of Fragments

Fractal’s inscription launchpad leverages the unique features of its robust UTXO layer.

Fractal Network
4 min readMar 25, 2024

After significant internal testing, we are proud to release the beta version of FRAGMENTS, Fractal’s Inscription Launchpad. This is a holistic platform bringing programmability to Inscriptions and BRC20-style tokens.

Fragments allows users to deploy a BRC20 collection on Fractal Network for a fraction of the cost of launching a similar collection on other UTXO networks. It provides an easy way for users to deploy, mint, trade, list and buy inscriptions from various collections. Any user can permissionlessly deploy and claim tickers that have not yet been used on the platform.

But this is just the beginning of the platform. We have an exciting roadmap planned that will include:

  • Bridging inscriptions on Fractal to other ecosystems
  • Vaulting or staking BRC20 tokens
  • Cross-chain swaps for BRC20s
  • Adding inscription and ordinal compatibility

A Fair-Launch Toolkit.

Fragments is a great place to bootstrap a fair-launch project. Gas prices, paid in FRA on the UTXO network, are extremely low compared to other chains making it easy for creators to deploy a collection and for community members to mint them. Plus, BRC20-style tokens can be permissionlessly minted and traded by anyone.

To kickstart community activity, the Fractal team has announced the Accelerator Program and Creator toolkit. This gives creators and founders access to:

1. Technical Assistance: Our team of experts will provide hands-on support in navigating the complexities of launching your inscription.

2. Inscription Toolbox: Gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to streamline and optimize the inscription deployment process.

3. Co-Marketing and Go-to-Market Plans: Leverage our marketing prowess and strategic insights to maximize the visibility and adoption of your inscription.

4. Marketplace Support: Seamlessly integrate your inscription into the Fractal marketplace, tapping into a vast network of potential users and collaborators.

5. Partnership and Integration Support: Forge valuable partnerships and integrate with leading inscription wallets such as Unisat and OKX, unlocking new avenues for growth and engagement.

To be an early-supported founder, apply for the accelerator program here.

New Platform, New Wallet

To get started with Fragments, the first step is to download the new Fractal browser extension wallet tailored to work with the inscription platform. Then, simply connect it to Fragments.

This wallet is the principal way to interact with the Fragments platform. The team has been preparing this wallet for months and is proud to release the beta version to the community. It offers a familiar user interface to provide an intuitive way for users to connect to and use Fragments.

The new browser extension wallet and Fragments platform are new products, and as new products, the team would love feedback from the community on how to improve them. The best place to leave your feedback is in Fractal’s Product Feedback group here.

NOTE: FRA transferred to your browser extension wallet will be used for inscriptions of the BRC20 data. Only transfer FRA into the Extension Wallet that you intend to use for the inscription process. Unknowingly transferring an FRA token with a BRC20 inscribed on it will result in losing custody and control of that BRC20.

To help prevent early mistakes, we have removed the “Send” functionality from the Extension Wallet. Users will still be able to send FRA stored on the Extension Wallet by importing their keys to the desktop wallet and sending from there. The “Send” functionality will be restored later this week

Leveraging Fractal’s UTXO Layer

Fractal is a multilayer network featuring an L1 EVM chain and an L1 UTXO chain that are atomically linked. The team is planning L2 layers later in the year, but Fractal’s L1 UTXO is uniquely suited to support inscriptions and inscription-like tokens.

Our robust UTXO standard was based on Bitcoin’s UTXO model, but we’ve added ZK capabilities and larger data fields. By incorporating these advantages with the energy, excitement, and innovation of the BRC20 market in our own marketplace, we can harness the potential of inscriptions on Fractal. Those who have an appetite for innovation will bring the expertise and the vision needed to cultivate a thriving inscription ecosystem.

Creating a BRC20-compatible system just made sense. The Fractal team is also excited to work with those building programmability into Ordinals, Inscriptions, and BRC20s. It’s a whole new era for Bitcoin-compatible tokens!

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