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3 min readJan 30, 2024


What is Fractal?

Fractal is a multi-layer blockchain that leverages applied zero-knowledge encryption to secure digital assets.

What does that mean?

On-chain transactions have evolved from simply being “multi-chain” to now also being “multi-layer.” Value captured in bitcoin can be used as collateral for a loan on an L2 (where speed and cost are important factors), which can then be used to leverage arbitrage opportunities on a separate L1. This user journey is not unique, nor is it surprising.

However, in order to truly serve that user journey, a holistic approach is more efficient than using the existing hodge-podge of single-point solutions. A holistic approach that simplifies the complex back-end processes and presents a user with a simple, clear interface.

Fortunately, zero-knowledge technology (applied correctly) can simplify the processes. It can make proofs of state easier to establish and communicate and, at the same, inject needed security into the process.

The focus here isn’t on a single technological achievement, but rather, the focus is on the Users, seeing how they navigate value creation and value transfer and ensuring that — wherever they may be, on whatever layer, Fractal users have a solution they recognize.

How is Fractal different?

Our goal is to support the widespread adoption of tokenized assets. We view the multi-layer ecosystem as a natural evolution of the multi-chain ecosystem. And, as we found with multi-chains, there will be layers that fit some asset types better than other layers. While the added complexity of these multiple layers must be addressed, this complexity will also lead to significant growth as adoption penetrates more and more of the non-on-chain universe. As was once said, software is eating the world. And now blockchain is eating software.

Where are we going?

Obviously, there’s a lot of work to be done, and we’re excited to do it with help from the community. As market conditions change and the core team races to respond, we hope to involve community members in the resulting initiatives and projects to increase alignment and our pace of development.

Additionally, we have been having active negotiations with developer teams that provide DEXs, token minters, NFTs, and more. You can expect to see those announcements in the coming weeks before EthDenver.

We have also been exploring solutions to inscriptions and ordinals that would interact with web3 native individuals. We are working on two solutions highlighting these sorts of assets.

We will also be announcing certain partnerships in the coming weeks that point to our plans around the layer-2 space. There are only a handful of obvious leaders in that space — so you have a pretty fair chance of guessing who those partners will be.

Finally, our team here at Fractal has significant experience working with UTXO chains, like Bitcoin. We don’t plan on allowing that experience to lie unused. You can anticipate information regarding those products dropping before the end of the quarter.

What’s next?


For the next several weeks, you will see the growth engine turned on for Fractal. We will be sponsoring airdrops and tournaments. Follow us on X at @_FractalNetwork. You can also visit www.fra.tech to learn more about our products and services. Be warned, the website is still a construction zone, so there is still some dust on the ground.


We will be releasing beta versions of our products as soon as they are available, but please remember these will be beta versions. We have a specific channel for product feedback and are open to constructive criticism in there.


Fractal will be growing strategically. Individuals who are talented designers and coders are always welcome — but we also want to meet with people who are well-connected (building bridges is hard), and strategically oriented.

You will be able to meet us in the wild at EthDenver. Follow @_FractalNetwork for full details!

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